Supports the motor functions and healing processes of the body. Suitable for treatment of bacterial infections. Helps with incontinence.

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Product description

A natural herbal concentrate that supports motor functions and the healing processes of the body. A natural anabolic agent. It supports the immune system, urinary tract and genital organs. It stimulates the development and performance of skeletal, cardiac and abdominal muscles. It suppresses hyperactivity of the lungs, bronchi, urinary and genital organs.

Product use

  • Healing of soft and hard tissue wounds (surgery, wounds, fractures)(Imunovet, Cytovet).
  • Regeneration of damaged tissues (Imunovet, Fytovet).
  • Wound infections, ulcers (Imunovet, Cytovet).
  • Strengthening of the immune system (cellular immunity bacterial infections, tumors) (Imunovet, Cytovet).
  • Bacterial infections of the respiratory tract (Imunovet).
  • Cough, chronic bronchitis (activation of ciliated epithelium, clearing of airways) (Imunovet).
  • Mobilization of life energy.
  • Promotion of viability of newborns (Fytovet).
  • Growth of young animals (Skelevet).
  • Muscle development and performance (skeletal, cardiac and abdominal muscles) (Skelevet, Fytovet).
  • An anabolic agent, strengthening of flaccid muscles (stimulation by training is necessary) (Fytovet).
  • Strengthening the heart muscle performance (Fytovet, Skelevet).
  • Stimulation of motility of the stomach, proventriculus and intestines (lazy bowel) (Fytovet).
  • Incontinence (strengthening of the sphincter muscles) (Skelevet).
  • Improving the condition of the female genital organs (uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries) (alternate with Gynevet, Omegavet).
  • Improvement of the condition of the female and male sexual organs (stimulation of libido, sperm production and maturation, ability to impregnate) (alternate with Gynevet, Omegavet).
  • Fertility disorders of both sexes (alternate with Gynevet, Omegavet).
  • Bacterial infections of the urinary tract, genital organs of both sexes (Imunovet).
  • Diseases of the prostate gland (Imunovet).
  • Solving the emotion of sadness combined with fear (Etovet).
  • Supporting the ability to be oneself, to stand in one's own strength.

Recommendation from a veterinarian

I use Kingvet for faster recovery after surgeries. For chronic coughs, especially to suppress bacterial and viral infections. I also use it in older dogs with muscle atrophy, difficulty getting up Ė I start with Kingvet for two weeks and after a 14-day break, I re-initiate Kingvet for two or three weeks with a one-week break.Lucie Mučková, DVM

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