Herbal drops

Five products representing the five basic elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. As a whole, they complement each other, balance each other and together create a system for the effective regeneration of the whole body.

  • Virovet (30 ml)

    Stimulates overall immunity. Increases the physical and psychological resistance of the animal. Suitable as part of treatment of acute renal failure.

    Retail price: 28.60 €

  • Renovet (30 ml)

    Harmonizes the mineral and water environment. Suitable for treatment of arthrosis of the musculoskeletal system. Helps with allergies.

    Retail price: 28.60 €

  • Korovet (30 ml)

    Stimulates transport functions in the body. Increases the blood supply to tissues. Harmonizes the psyche.

    Retail price: 28.60 €

  • Regavet (30 ml)

    Optimizes the animal’s metabolism. Activates enzymes and detoxifies the body. Promotes appetite.

    Retail price: 28.60 €

  • Gynevet (30 ml)

    Harmonizes the hormonal system. Stimulates the secretory activity of mucous membranes and tissues. (Activates fat metabolism.)

    Retail price: 28.60 €

Other Products

Complement the basic products with some of the auxiliary ones and thus enhance their mutual effect.

  • Kingvet (30 ml)

    Supports the motor functions and healing processes of the body. Suitable for treatment of bacterial infections. Helps with incontinence.

    Retail price: 28.60 €

  • Etovet (30 ml)

    Harmonizes psychological functions. Maintains energy balance. Supports digestion and the use of energy from food.

    Retail price: 28.60 €

  • Cannabivet (30 ml)

    CBD in dogs relieves nervousness, deepens sleep. It works against stomach upset. Relieves chronic pain in musculoskeletal disorders. Improve fitness and quality of life of older individuals.

    Retail price: 28.60 €

  • Tickvet (10 ml)

    The veterinary product is a natural, completely animal- and environmentally friendly product. It contains only selected essential oils that improve the quality of the skin. With its action, it helps t

    Retail price: 21.20 €

  • Imunovet (30 ml)

    A natural herbal concentrate that optimizes the animal’s metabolism. Activation of enzymes, detoxification, elimination of fatigue. Addressing the emotions of fear and anxiety.

    Retail price: 28.60 €

  • Annovet (30 ml)

    Strengthens the immune system. Supportive therapy in cancer patients. Antiviral, antibacterial and antiparasitic effects.

    Retail price: 33.60 €

  • Omegavet (30 ml)

    Supports cellular immunity in animals. Strengthens bones, teeth and eyesight. Support of the nervous system.

    Retail price: 28.60 €

  • Fytovet (100 ml)

    Maintains mineral and electrolyte balance. Activates most of the body’s enzymes. Reduces fatigue.

    Retail price: 43.60 €

  • Audivet (30 ml)

    Prevents the growth of bacteria, fungi and parasites. Has a significant effect on inflammatory skin conditions. Suitable as part of treatment of inflammation of the external ear canal.

    Retail price: 21.20 €

  • Epivet (200 ml)

    Shampoo for coat maintenance. Soothes sensitive skin. Has anti-inflammatory and repellent properties.

    Retail price: 14.90 €

  • Probiovet (90 capsules)

    Restores the intestinal microbiome. Strengthens the body’s immune system. Reduces the toxic load on the body.

    Retail price: 28.60 €

  • Skelevet (135 softgels)

    Promotes mineralization of bone tissue. Restores damaged hair. A source of collagen.

    Retail price: 29.90 €

  • Cytovet (90 capsules)

    Detoxifying product containing humates. Removes toxins from the digestive tract. Cleanses the body overall.

    Retail price: 52.40 €

  • Nutrivet (90 pcs)

    Nourishes tissues and organs. Strengthens immunity, increases vitality. Accelerates recovery after illness.

    Retail price: 37.40 €

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