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How to administer products

Drops may be administered directly by a drop-counter to the mouth. Relatively small amounts are administered, so with a cat it is possible to apply the drops on its paw and the cat will lick them when cleaning its fur. Where bigger animals are concerned, the liquid can be aspired into a syringe without a needle (this can be bought from any pharmacy or medical goods shop) and the required amount is then injected between the teeth into the mouth of the animal. Where the animal is too aggressive, it is advisable to apply the product onto the animal's favourite food or hide it in the food entirely. Animals are more intelligent than we like to think, and they will inspect even such favourite food. For this reason it is useful to give the animal first the food without the product and only then the treated food. Majority of animals, however, well adapt to the used Energy product and sometimes animals may even require it themselves.

Fytovet is always given in drinking water. In this case it is necessary to give the animal a minimum amount of water so that the required dose of Fytovet is indeed taken by the animal, and only then provide water ad libitum†(at its pleasure). Gelatinous capsules may be applied in animals in the same manner as usual tablets. Place the capsule as deep in the mouth as possible, and check, by palpating the throat, whether it has been swallowed. It is advisable to soak the capsules to ensure a smoother ingestion. A more considerate and better way is again hiding the capsule in the animalís favorite food. In this case it is recommended to give the food first without the capsule, immediately followed by the food with the hidden capsule. The animal, however, must not see you hiding the capsule in the food. Do not underestimate your animals!

Where small animals are concerned, the whole capsules cannot be administered. For this reason it is good to soften the gelatinous capsule in water for a moment, then cut off the tip of the capsule with a knife or make a hole with a pin, and by fingers force out the necessary amount onto the feedingstuff or favourite food. Cytovet capsules may be opened and the powder put in water. It can then be given in drinking water. One entire capsule of Cytovet once a day may be administered also to an animal less than 1kg of weight. The only limiting factor is the animal's ability to ingest the capsule.

Imunovet requires special instructions. It has strongly astringent properties and animals may have problems with its incongruous taste. A suitable form is the preparation of syrup, which cannot be directly manufactured, as Imunovet has beneficial effects on the healing of external wounds and syrup would preclude this type of application. All you have to do is prepare a thick syrup of sugar and water (1:1) and apply the required number of Imunovet drops into it, 2 drops of Imunovet should be used for 1ml of the syrup. Depending on the size of the animal, the syrup is then applied in ml (with a syringe without a needle into the mouth), or in drops. Ideally, a fresh syrup should be made or boiled and kept in closed glass for repeated use.