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Dosage differs by the weight of the animal. Generally, small animals have quicker metabolism, and so they tolerate higher doses per unit of weight than large animals. Dosage is provided in the description for each product. Each product is to be administered for the period of 3 weeks, in small animals weighing less than 2kg a two-week regeneration period is sufficient. This period should always be followed by a one-week break. If the animal is to start another product after the break, the break should be extended to two weeks.  


The fact whether the animal has already taken the regeneration product in the last 6 months or not is an important factor. Where the product is given for the first time, more turbulent responses can arise, and for this reason it is advisable to start the product in the lower dose specified on the packaging. The second regeneration period no longer poses this risk, and therefore the maximum recommended dose may be applied. The specific feature of Energy regeneration concentrates (i.e. products in drops) is that the dose depends on the frequency of administration rather than on the number of the administered drops. 


Small animals have several sleep cycles during the day, which means that products can be administered more than 3 times a day. Where the breeder is able to cope, the concentrate may be given even every other hour. Usually, however, the dosage two or three times a day, as specified on the box, is sufficient.  


For extremely tiny animals the concentrates require dilution – 1 drop of the concentrate per 1ml of drinking water and then we can apply 0.1 drop or more with a drop-counter. Higher dilution is not necessary, as small animals have a lot more active metabolism, as has been specified above. For example, for a mouse or bird weighing 20 grams we can administer 0.1 drop without any concern at all.  


The Home Advisor program offers the calculation of optimum dosage for regeneration for various kinds of animals, taking into account their weight, age and the fact whether the animal is naive to the product or whether it has been given the product previously. 


Interactions with certain medicinal products


Any of the regeneration products enhances the immune system, from the Energy products it is particularly Imunovet. For this reason it is not advisable to regenerate the animal using these products if the animal is given immunosuppressants.


If the animal is treated with hormone products, the effects of Energy regeneration products are reduced to approx. 50%. Taken the other way round, regeneration products do not have any negative effects on the hormone treatment. To date, no negative interaction has been reported.


Cytovet exhibits potent detoxifying effects and if given concomitantly with classical medicines, it may reduce their effect. In this case medicinal products should be administered first, followed by Cytovet only one hour afterwards.


Reversive response


During regeneration of the animal's body, where certain chronic problems are concerned, these problems may recur or even worsen following an initial improvement. This is only the body’s response to the return of the chronic problem to its acute beginnings, and it is called reversive response. This deterioration lasts for no longer than several hours (in skin problems several days), but most animals do not exhibit this reversive response. In order to prevent this temporary worsening of the condition, the product should be applied in a low dose and less frequently. The risk of reversive response has been incorporated into the Home Advisor consultation programme, which reduces the occurrence of reversive responses practically to zero.  


There is no reason to fear a reversive response, as it is, on the contrary, a positive sign of the healing processes within the body. If the so called reversive response lasts for more than two days (one week in skin problems), then it is not a reversive response but an incorrectly chosen regeneration product. This requires a new analysis of symptoms and a selection of another product. At least a 3-day break from the discontinuation of the previous product which has induced the negative reaction is necessary. 

Reversive responses or worsening caused by an incorrectly selected products are seen only rarely in animals. Chronic problems in animals are usually not as deep as in man.