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Herbal extract for external use. It has a pronounced effect on inflammatory conditions affecting the mucosa and the skin, including the outer auditory canal. It balances the pH of the skin and mucosa, hence preventing the multiplication of undesirable bacteria, fungi and parasites. It exhibits antiviral, antibacterial and antimycotic effects.

Intended use:
[the most suitable add-on product is specified in brackets]
  • Inflammatory skin conditions – rash, eczema, and surface wounds [Gynevet, Regavet, Kingvet].
  • Skin mycoses, ring alopecia (local hair loss) [Gynevet].
  • Sexual organ mucosa mycoses (dilute for irrigation purposes!) [Cytovet, Gynevet].
  • Warts and tumours of the skin and mucosa [Virovet].
  • Gum tumours [Cytovet].
  • Skin itching and pain [Fytovet].
  • Outer auditory canal inflammations [Cytovet, Imunovet, Renovet – necessary preparation].
  • Against pain from small joint and mammary gland inflammations [Kingvet, Imunovet].


Herbal extract (Robert geranium, plantago lanceolata, comfrey, hemp-agrimony, nasturtium, horse chestnut, great burnet), hydrogenised castor oil, vitamin E, myrrh essential oil, geranium essential oil, myrrh extract

Recommended dosage:
Administer for the maximum of three weeks as follows:
Dab the affected area with 1 to 3 drops (depending on size) two to three times a day. In cases of affected ear apply 1 to 3 drops to a cotton swab and wipe the affected auditory canal twice a day.
The product should be discontinued after 3 weeks for the period of one week.

Shake well before use! It is recommended to use the product within three months of opening.

Only clean and wipe in cases of ear inflammations. Do not apply in drops! The ear has to stay dry. Do not apply into eyes! Keep out of reach of children!

Adverse reactions and interactions:
None reported.


Store the product in dry and dark environment, at 10-25°C. Do not freeze. Minimum shelf-life specified on the box and label.

Quality management:

The product was developed, manufactured and controlled in compliance with the requirements set forth by the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Veterinarian’s recommendations:

Audivet is indispensable for me in external treatment of local alopecia (hair loss), fungal skin affections, skin eczema as well as warts. It may be effectively used also for surface wounds of the skin. It acts positively in gum inflammations affecting carnivores.
MVDr. Lubomír Chmelař, Ph.D.