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A mineral supplement of organic origin containing unique natural substances (calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, silicone, and other trace elements) ensuring optimal joint and bone nutrition and optimal muscular function and optimal function of certain enzymatic systems.  It contains an ideal mineral ratio for bone turnover. Add-on substances (vitamins D, C, and A, unsaturated fatty acids, collagen) increase utility in the body. Suitable for all animal species, particularly for growing young.
Intended use:
[the most suitable add-on product is specified in brackets]
  • After bone surgeries and fractures for bone mineralisation [Kingvet, Renovet, Imunovet].
  • Prevention of and regeneration from rachitis of the young and softening of the bones in adult animals [Gynevet, Kingvet].
  • Supports the growth of horn and improves its quality (nails, hooves, horns, claws) [Gynevet].
  • Hair recovery during molting and regeneration of damaged hair [Gynevet].
  • For softening of tortoiseshells, preparation of reptiles for shedding of skin [Gynevet, Omegavet].
  • During molting or for recovery of damaged feathers in birds [Gynevet].
  • Inflammations of the joints, joint capsules, tendons and their insertions [Kingvet].
  • Add-on product for allergic reactions, anaphylactic shock, insect bites and snakebites [Gynevet, Kingvet].
  • Production of eggs and eggshells in birds and reptiles [Gynevet, Kingvet].
  • Add-on product for muscular function [Kingvet].


In 1 capsule: soy oil, gelatine – capsule, cuttlefish bone powder (100mg), glycerine – thickener, collagen (52.5mg), fish oil (35mg), water, stinging nettle extract (15 mg), hip rose extract (10mg), manganic sulphate (3mg), lecithin – emulsifier, beeswax.

Recommended dosage:

Administer for the maximum of three weeks as follows:
Small animals up to 2kg of weight: 1 capsule per day;
Animals from 2 to 50kg: 1 to 2 capsules twice a day;
Animals over 50kg: 1 to 2 capsules for every 50kg of weight twice a day.
The product should be discontinued after 3 weeks for the period of one week.


To facilitate swallowing it is advisable to dampen the capsule with water or cover it with fat before administration. May be administered in titbits.
Where problems with intake are experienced, it is necessary to soften the capsule in warm water, cut it partially or prick it and press the contents out, ideally into foodstuff.
It is recommended to use the product within three months of opening.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose! Ensure sufficient intake of water in the course of product usage. Keep out of reach of children!

Adverse reactions and interactions:
None reported.

Store the product in dry and dark environment, at 10-25°C. Do not freeze.
Minimum shelf-life specified on the box and label.
135 capsules

Quality management:
The product was developed, manufactured and controlled in compliance with the requirements set forth by the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Veterinarian’s recommendations:

In my veterinary consultancy, I often treat older dogs suffering from arthrotic joints. Skelevet helps to significantly slow down the degenerative joint alterations and hence prolong the active life of movement.
MVDr. Jaroslava Bláhová